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General Instructions

  • Only enrolled candidates, with this application can take the MCQ test.
  • Before starting the test candidates will be asked to login with their canidate ID number and password, which will be assigned by MCQ administrator.
  • After successful login, candidates will be shown a list of MCQ question sets. From the list the candidate has to select a particulat test as per instructions given to him by the administrator.
  • Every question must be answered in a time out period, (default 60 seconds) set by the administrator. After time out period the question will be treated as skipped ( not attempted) and the page will automatically move to next question.
  • The scorring system in this application has negative marking. Correct answer get score of 1, wrong answer get the score of (-1) and skipped question get the score of 0. To get the better score, if you do not know the right answer than it is better to skip, rather than making random guess.
  • Every time, the questions form the question set will be shown in random sequence. Therefore, it is futile to take tips from someone who has taken the test earlier. Better rely on your own subject knowledge.
  • In between the test, do not press BACK, FORWARD, or REFRESH buttons of your browser, otherwise the application will crash. You can always abort the entire test by cliking ABORT link displayed on every quesiton page.